The Ping-Post platform by ETN America


Today’s competitive business environment demands quality leads to drive sales. 

An ideal company, to us, is the company that is able to turn most leads into actual customers. This apparently is why ETN America launched the ‘Ping Post Platform. The Ping Post Platform is a platform provided by our company where affiliates and advertisers are able to buy and sell leads through a real-time auction for every single lead they make.

Our platform serves the purpose of bringing lead generation companies and buyer companies together. This ensures that the lead generation companies can sell their leads to the highest bidder in an auction. We offer leads for sale that are the contact information and in some cases, demographic information of a customer who is interested in a specific product or service offered by various companies. 

We only hand over leads that are 100% qualified, based on the definition of a qualified lead established by working with our sales and marketing teams. This means that all our customers’ prospects turned over to their sales teams have gone through our processes, lead qualification, and lead nurturing. This obviously makes us effective.

Basically, our platform is structured to recognize the affiliates and the advertisers. The affiliates are lead generation companies that have chosen to partner with us. They are allowed to continue the sale of their leads to their customers without any hitch on our platform, where we now step is when we see that they could be pay more for a particular lead generated. And of course, we buy those leads and pay the affiliates more, at least for a reasonable price than what their customers would ordinarily buy those leads. The advertisers are the advertising agencies and companies that are equally recognized in our company. 

The advertisers are allowed to buy the leads they need with the price that they state. This allows us to meet their needs by allocating to them the exact number of leads they need.  Normally, buying leads is a guessing game. A game no one is sure of winning. If a bid is set too low, customers may not get any leads, or only get bottom-of-the-barrel leads. If a bid is equally set too high, customers will get a flood of leads, however, the increased cost means it is harder to see a good return on their investments. However, with the systemic outline of our platform, customers always know that they have paid a fair price for each lead. Specifically that they pay the lowest price as possible price for each lead. 

We constantly monitor our leads for quality by listening to our customers. We always want to know how much success they are having with each day’s leads. Then, we tweak our system accordingly. Our team is constantly split testing every step of our system to bring our customers better deals. Furthermore, lead providers are equally allowed to buy as many leads as possible for the price that they want. This allows them to have enough leads to sell to their direct customers based on their demands. The opportunities offered by our company is such unique that the leads need of lead providers are adequately met swiftly. This allows them to be timely in responding to their direct customers as well. We serve as the platform for helping in the growth of companies through the lead generation and auction programs. We offer them the best chances of getting sales and become the leaders in their line of business. 

The productivity of the sales team of these companies are enhanced and also improve their stature among their contemporaries. And this of course is the manifestation of our intentions for creating the platform.  We are a company that does not backtrack on promises to deliver quality leads. This surely, is conspicuously the reason more advertisers and affiliates will use our platform.